About Us

About Us

The 8848 Trader is an Online Trading Academy with Expert Forex Mentors that have a collective experience of over 13 years in the Financial Markets. Our Aim is to turn you into a Professional Trader in the Foreign Exchange Markets through our Forex Training Courses.We have mastered every technique from Fibonacci trading, Support and Resistance Trading, Divergence Trading, Breakout Trading, Pattern Analysis, Elliot wave, Price action trading to trading Fundamental analysis and our aim is to pass the knowledge of all about Financial Markets.

In addition, we provide information on strategies, guides, market videos, a comprehensive educational course, and much more.We provide training and support to independent financial traders worldwide through various training programmes and membership services. We believe that not only the theoretical teachings, but the practical application of strategies is what helps individuals learn and develop as independent traders.

Why 8848 Trader?

More than 90% of the traders start trading Forex online without any prior knowledge or by watching just a few free videos or reading random articles in any forex forum. 95% of them quickly lose all of the initial capital - 80% of them during the first month alone. Our courses are based on the best and latest on the market for creating Forex strategies and Expert Advisors. This way, we eliminate the two leading emotions that cause traders to lose while trading Forex - greed and fear.

Courses To All Skill Levels

We have developed Trading Courses to suit all trading experience levels. Tailored education is the best way for you to progress to a point where you’re consistently profitable. Our experts from institutional trading backgrounds have come together to develop a flexible educational package that is structured for new & experienced traders alike
An introduction to the core concepts of trading the Financial Markets.
A course for Intermediate trader interested in trading part time.
A course for more advanced traders interested in trading full time.

We help people to trade and invest

Here at 8848 Trader, we believe in the power of good education. With it, we can introduce competent new traders into this world. Our goal is to collect all the necessary information about trading and deliver it in an interactive and convenient way so that everyone who has a keen interest and passion in learning how to trade can benefit from it.

We all knows that every expert was once a beginner. That’s why our team of experts have focused on a simple and easy-to-understand style of education.

8848 Trader is an online platform that helps users to trade with a mixture of beginner guides, articles, Investment product reviews, up-to-date news and analysis, 8848 Trader serves as a hub for regular people who want to learn more about trading the financial markets. Many people regard trading as complex for them to understand; it isn’t. Trading the financial market is achievable for anyone who is provided with the right information, and that’s why we’re here.

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